Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Researching near the Carter Farm

Over the weekend, Kristie and I made our way down to the Carter farm. If you haven't read the post about the Carter farm, you can read it here: The Carter Farm Story

When we got to the town of Madisonville Tennessee about 5 pm saturday evening, we decided to go ahead and look for the farm and look at the surrounding areas while we still had a little daylight..We finally found the place..It seemed like no one lived there..The landscape is mostly farm land and rolling hills.. The pics below will give you an idea what the area looks like..

Here's the farm house itself.. This is supposebly where fox (Bigfoot) came to the door and asked for garlic..

Here's more of the property..

Here's a strip of woods along with a field around the backside of the sheds and house..

This is right up the road from the Carter farm..A field with woods around it..

These distance mountains is about 3 miles from the carter farm..

Here they go again..Mountains joined by farmland..

Although it seems like the bigfoot things died down, kristie and I wanted to test out our luck with some bait..

Around midnight, we hung up some bait right across the nearby mountains just to see what happens.. Also we left a recording device hidden near the bait..Since they were calling for a little snow that night, we had to wrap up the recorder in plastic.. We banged on a wooden fence post a few times to get the ball start rolling..It was really dark and only about 2-3 houses on this backroad..This area is about 3 miles from the Carter farm..
When we checked the next morning, the bait was still hanging.. Although i expected this, i just wanted the satifaction knowing that our trip down here would be a memorable one and who knows, strange things do happens..


Miss. said...

That made me laugh :)
Love the farm, very quaint!

Yeti said...

lol- Yeah..I can picture you laughing..Especially that garlic thing-right? You won't be the only one..LOL -Thanks for visiting.. :>)

Amelia said...

That's my hometown and I've never heard of such a story the whole time I lived there...strange.

Yeti said...

Hey..I'm going to ask you about some people that live there and see if ya know them..