Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Little People of Cherokee

It is not easy to see the Little People in broad daylight. They often hide from mortal eyes by appearing in the sun's brightness, but the Little People can see through the brightness. They cannot be seen at night unless there is a bright moon. Their light has been seen in the forest at night, however, close to the ground, moving through the trees, just off the trails. One can only catch up with their lights if the Little People want them to They are most often seen at dusk and dawn. They like to be with the animals when they feed, gathering the plants with the deer, fishing with the bears, picking up their firewood with the beaver, or visiting the native people, escorted by the fox. They have co-existed with the Cherokee people for countless centuries and look like full bloods, dark skinned, black eyes, and with straight black hair that reaches to the ground. They are handsome and strong and no more than three feet tall. They have always dressed as the native Cherokee people dress at any given time of their history ,They speak in an ancient Cherokee dialect. Some of the elders today can understand this strange dialect and know what they are saying. Some say it is Elati, a Cherokee language now extinct. They have their own communities or clans throughout the mountains. Like the Cherokees, each community has its own jokers, and serious people, leaders and followers, trouble makers and thinkers, dreamers, doctors, hunters and gatherers with the exception of the Dogwood Clan.

Source Unknown-

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lake Logan

Lake Logan by far is my favorite lake! This private lake and all of this beautiful surrounding land is owned by the Episcopal church. It's on hwy 215 south of Canton near the area of Sunburst. Everytime we go by there, we have to take pics. If you look in the dictionary and look up the word beautiful, you would find a pic of this place..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Potato Hill

We were riding along potato hill this afternoon and noticed how lush and green the area was... Kudzu is everywhere..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Last Day at Work

Today was my last day at my job of 5 years.. I had met many friends and some close friends that i will miss greatly..Some were like my own family..I really hate that this day had to come but i really felt like i had to make a change..I always try to follow my heart and my gut feelings..Everyone had been so nice and so kind to me..Now it's time to move on.. Kristie and I are looking for a cheaper place because our lease is up in another month or so.. This change will be refreshing for me all the way around..I already have another job lined up but would like to take a week or so off before i get started again..

I will post some pics of the area where i use to work when it's a beautiful day again..( beautiful area)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beautiful Gorge

At the beginning of the NC/ Tennessee gorge heading into NC, we caught this view around 9:00 in the morning during late spring.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

Since Kristie and I were both off today, we thought this was a perfect day to take a ride towards north asheville since this was the first day of fall. When we got to the northside of the town, we just had to stop by Beaver Lake and snapped a couple of pics of the beautiful senery. (pic 1 & 2) As we preceeded north towards weaverville, we had a discussion about the official time when fall begins which was 11:44. It was shortly after 11:30.. so since we wanted to be where it was beautiful right when fall comes in, we had to hurry. I knew we wasn't far from Reems Creek rd so I wasn't worried about not being in a beautiful area. We made it just in time to pull over and snap this beautiful pic as fall rolled in. This was right off of Reems Creek rd..(last pic)

Shortage at the Pumps

We were riding up Merrimon Ave and we came across this BP which was full to capacity with people waiting to get gas. Most of our gas stations are empty but this is one of a few with gas. Once they made it to the pumps, they were only allowed a maximum of $30 worth of gas.
Even our News 13 was there interviewing people with their take on the ongoing problems at the gas pumps.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Honoring Lewy

Tonight we were going through our photo album and found this pic of mayfield (left) and patches (right) admiring a picture of Louis Armstrong that's hanging on our wall..They really love his music!! (They were probably looking at a bug-lol)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Chilling out on a Saturday Evening

Getting off of work on a saturday afternoon is a very rewarding feeling..I couldn't wait to get home!! My girlfriend and i didn't know if we wanted to go riding or what.. She was cool with hanging here at the house which was GOOD with me because I've been looking forward to football all day.. Right now we are going to pick us up some food and then we'll be chilling out with the kitties..Here's two of our three kitties: (Patches on left/ Mayfield on right)

A Taste of Heaven

Here's Roan mountain.. This is one awesome place! When we got out of the vehical, we imediately heard whistling from the wind..It was a feeling like no other.. It is stated in a couple of our WNC folklore books that this mountain will sing to ya and yes, it happened..This area will leave you speechless..A GREAT place to visit!!