Friday, October 23, 2009

Big Pine Mountain Graveyard

A friend of mines told me about this hidden graveyard in the Big Pine community which is deep in Madison county..This graveyard is where her parents was buried..It was on top of a mountain all by itself.. For some reason i really wanted to find this place so we decided to give it a shot..

After miles of riding, i finally found my landmark..

This road was narrow, rocky and very steep in places..A fourwheel drive is highly recommended..

After we finally got to the top, we found what we were looking for..

This is an old graveyard but kept fairly well maintained..

This was one of the older tombstones..

This was on the way out..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Going up Roan Mountain 2

Well at this point, Kristie and I proceeded up the mountain..The farther up, the more snow we ran into..Enjoy the pics below.. They will tell the rest of the story..

The trees are looking kind of icy..

We were getting close to the top at this point..

The higher we went, the more snow appeared..

We've made it to the top..

Winter wonderland..

While we was on the top of Roan, we rode around for a few minutes..

We came up from the Tennessee side and went down on the NC side..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Going up Roan Mountain

Today Kristie and I came from the high country after being up there this weekend. BTW -we had a WONDERFUL time!! Well, on the way home, we decided to go to Roan mountain which is one of our favorite mountains..We had a good time and I'll be posting more pics of Roan mountain on the next post..So stay tune.. :>)

Beautiful view on the way up the mountain...

You wouldn't believe how much snow was on it..

Leaves falling off the trees..Leaves blowing in the road..This is how fall suppose to be but we knew that winter like weather was just ahead..

Half way up Roan mountain Kristie and I stopped at out favorite spot..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Small Community of Stackhouse

During the aftermath of the Civil War, Amos Stackhouse established a settlement along the banks of the French Broad River in Western North Carolina. Amos Stackhouse, born in 1819 in Philadelphia, Pa., established the settlement of Stackhouse, NC in the 1870s, where he died in 1909.

The Stackhouse community is in the middle of all of that..

This is the French Broad river which runs next to Stackhouse..

This railroad runs through Stackhouse and next to the river..

This is a Beautiful place.. It's between Marshall and Hot Spring and it's in Pisgah National Forest..There's nothing there but beauty..It's definately a place to visit..