Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Vale of the Cross

While Kristie and I were in Valle Crucis, we found and walked up to the crosses which everyone talked about..This was a very enjoyable moment for the both of us..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bigfoot 911 Call

This 911 call took place in the mid-1990's on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State..The guy who made the called never mentioned a "Bigfoot" but said it was a Really big Guy.. As you may hear, this guy sounded terrified and was unsure how to describe what he was seeing..Also you can hear the operator typing in the background..

Note: Even though it's the "Messing with sasquatch" commercial Pic on the video, it is a real Call..

Friday, January 23, 2009

St, Jude's Chapel of Hope

This small chapel (1st pic) is called "St, Jude's Chapel of Hope" and it's located in the small community of Trust which is near the community of Spring Creek which is in Madison county.. It sits on the corner where hwy 63 and hwy 209 connects.. It's open to the public 24/7..You can actually go inside to rest, take a look around and reflect as the sign in front encourage you to do as I did a couple of years ago.. Also there's a small building (2nd pic) that's called " Plum Nilly Farm" right next to the chapel although I don't think you can go inside of that.. So if you're ever on hwy 209 (between Waynesville & Hotsprings), don't forget to stop at the small chapel of Trust..It will definately be a spirit felt moment- atleast it was for me..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Watauga River

The Watauga River is a large stream of western North Carolina and East Tennessee. It is 60 miles (97 km) long with its headwaters on the slopes of Grandfather Mountain in Watauga County, North Carolina.

The word "Watauga" is a Native-American word meaning "the land beyond" however local reference to the name origin is attributed to the meaning "beautiful river" or "beautiful water".

The Watauga River runs right through the middle of Valle Crucis.

As we drove down river road in Valle Crucis, we noticed that there were several small makeshift bridges along the Watauga River just like this one.

I'm not sure if this is the Watauga dam or not but will check into and I'll update this post....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The General Mast Store of Valle Crucis

During our trip to Valle Cruscis, Kristie and I went into the famous General Mast Store..
Here's the back of the store..

These guys were playing some very good mountain music..

Here they go again.. We had a wonderful time in the store..We could have stayed in there all day..
Here's a little history on the General Mast Store:
The Mast General Store began as the Taylor Store in 1883. By 1917 it had been purchased by the Mast family, who owned it for anther 60 years. Although today no longer owned by the Masts, the current owners continue to operate the store as a historically accurate general store.

Because it was considered one of the finest remaining examples of an old country general store, in 1977 the Mast General Store was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, which seems fitting, since it is located in the countryside of North Carolina’s first and only Rural Historic District. No visit to the charming hamlet of Valle Cruscis is complete without a stop at the Mast General Store, where customers can buy everything from plows to cloth and cradles to caskets. The locals will gladly tell you that, “If you can’t buy it here, you don’t need it.” Just ask any of them as you warm your hands over that pot bellied stove.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Valle Crucis

Latin for "Vale of the Cross," Valle Crucis is both a more rural and historic area of the high country. Since there are several sites listed in the national register of historic place, Valle Crucis was designated as North Carolina's first historic district.

During the past 25 years, Valle Crucis has transformed from a little-known rural community in western Watauga County to a popular destination for vacationers and new residents. The valley's scenic beauty and situation in the Blue Ridge Mountains have been major factors in the recent growth of Valle Crucis. Where crumbling buildings or open pastureland were once located in the 1970s, one can now find new and revitalized businesses catering to visitors, including beds and breakfasts and restaurants. The Mast General Store, located in the heart of the Valle Crucis community, is now a major stop for visitors to the area.

More history of Valle Crucis

Top of Beech Mountain

This was our first time going to Beech Mt and what better time to go..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Open Letter To My Son

SAD SAD SAD...This is from craig's lists..

Date: 2002-09-30, 9:44PM PDT

Open Letter To My Son

Well Son, I think you would be proud of me today. I traded your surf pole and the extra reel for a computer for your daughter Raven . You know since you died I haven’t gone fishing or camping and our equipment has just sat in storage so I thought I might as well pass them on to someone who would put them to good use. A couple of months ago Raven and Brandi were playing around on Brandi’s computer and Raven really liked it and wanted one so I told her I will try to get one for her. So I thought what better way to share our stuff than to give them away I thought you would like that. Sometimes I sit at the cliffs and remember when we used to climb them at shout at the world we were king of the mountain and I can see your face smiling when you reeled in a fish and laughed. I no longer climb those cliffs I guess I’m getting too old. Your sisters don’t care much fishing or camping but I guess you know that so I thought I might as well do something about our gear sitting in storage gathering dust. The young man I traded with is your age or you would have been , he seemed to be a good kid. He likes to work on cars like you did and fish so I guess that makes him ok in my book. There is some other people I am going to give the rest to but that is later. Well I just gave away the last of our stuff to a young guy and his girl friend and they promised to use them a lot. Well son I have to go , your mom and I miss you a lot . Love Dad PostingID: 5983753

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paranormal Activity on Abandon Property

About two weeks ago, we took a long drive through the northern counties of the mountains just to get away for the rest of the day. As we got into Avery county, we came upon this property that i wanted to take pics of.. when we pulled up into a roped off driveway, immediately my girlfriend kristie had gotton this weird feeling..We sat in the car and snapped a few pics and then we got out and walked up into the property to get a better look..After we took some more photos, we decided to return to the car..As we was walking out of the property, kristie which was about 3-4 yards in front of me, had tripped over something but didn't fall.. I asked her had she been walking long? She said it felt like someone tripped her..When we got back in the car, She said she didn't trip over no vine, rock ect, she said that it felt like a hand on top of her foot and then it dissipated as she started to lift her foot.. All of this happened during the daytime.. As we were heading back from the high country, Kristie wanted to stop back by the property again and take a few more pics..The strange thing about it was that it was a very dark which i had Some idea where it was but yet, it was we appoarched the property, kristie had gotton that strange feeling again and she said it should be coming up.. As soon as she said that, i almost drove past it.. So i pulled over and we took some more pics from the road..
When we got home and uploaded the pics from the days event, we found some strange things in a couple of photos from this property.. From the tripping, the strange feelings kristie gotton from this property and now the questionable things in the photos, we decided to get the photos analyze by Sarah from the Asheville Paranormal Society. So, when she wrote me back, she said they were orbs in the photos that i sent excepted for one photo..As for that photo, she said they look like orbs except for orbs are usually round but there was a few that weren't in that particular photo.. So no more rambling, checkout the pics below..

This is the way we came in.. On the way out, kristie was tripped right across from this building..

This is what it property look like after we got in it.. Here's an old house that has been on fire..

Here's the inside of the property again with a couple of out buildings..

It looks like a figure in the doorway..

Here's the orbs.. A couple of these orbs looks like faces (especially the ones on the left side of the window)

More orbs.. Where we walked in during the daytime..

So these are some of the photos..Feel free to blow them up and you'll see some interesting things.. And now, we are trying to find out the history of this place..
Lastly, this wasn't our property and i do believe in "No trespassing"..So we was there no longer then five minutes..I just had to get some pics of this old unique homestead..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Helen's Bridge

Here's the bridge that kriste and I took..

This is the top of the bridge..

This is how the story goes..
When the Zealandia Castle caught fire in the late 1900's, a woman named Helen lost her only child, a daughter, in the fire. Helen was so upset by the loss that she hung herself from the bridge right down the road from the castle.. That's how Helen's Bridge got started.. It's located on Beaucatcher Mountain. There has been much paranormal activity associated with the bridge, apparitions, orbs, etc. Helen is supposed to wander the mountain in a long gown, asking those she meets if they have seen her daughter.
Helen's Bridge video Local Documentary
Another Helen's Bridge video Narrated by Forrest

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Miracle- Black and White Twins Again

Check out this cute story..

Black and white twins Hayleigh and Lauren Durrant proudly hold their new sisters Leah and Miya — who incredibly are also twins with different colored skin.
Their mixed-race parents Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner repeated the miracle after a seven-year gap.
When the first set of twins arrived in 2001, the couple was astonished to see that Lauren took after her white mom, with blue eyes and red hair, while Hayleigh had black skin and hair like dad Dean.
Then this year Alison, 27, found she was expecting again — and lightning struck twice.
She had twin girls again. And little Miya was born with dark skin like her dad and Leah is white like former recruitment consultant Alison.
“The girls just love Miya and Leah to bits. We didn’t think it was even possible when we had Lauren and Hayleigh — and it didn’t cross our minds that it could happen again. But we are just delighted that it has,” Dean, 33, of Fleet, Hants, said.,'','16x16',false);

Check Out the Pics Here

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Events of Brown Mountain (Report)

My adventures with the Brown Mountain lights started in the Fall of 1987. A friend of mine told me you could see them more clearly and with less company from the top of Table Rock. So that is where we headed--we would climb out on the Gorge side and look toward the Brown Mountain Range long after sunset.
The first time I saw them it was a cool fall night around 50 degrees F. We watched about 5 lights dance all over the Brown Mountain Range traveling at speeds impossible for a car to travel. We saw lights like this several times where they would just appear and "dance around" for about 15 minutes then, just fade out.
But one evening the following year in 1988 it was fairly cold up there. My best friend and my then five-year-old daughter went with me to the overlook on Hwy 181. It was crowded there and we couldn't see anything after about an hour. So we and a young couple decided to drive up to Table Rock.
When we got up there everything was SO quiet. The mountains stretched out below us and we became very much at peace. (No, no one was smoking anything or doing any drugs.) It was just breathtakingly beautiful. After about another hour we still hadn't seen anything. My daughter was snuggled up to me between my legs trying to stay warm. My friend, Leigh and I were sitting beside each other. The other couple was sitting in front of us, over to my left sort of below us on another rock. I leaned back and we started looking at and pointing out constellations. Leigh asked me about the Big Dipper. Just as I pointed out the handle and the North Star, what appeared to be a very bright light "fell" out of the dipper, came down and went to the top of the Brown mountain range and then split into two lights which then raced to either end of the mountain and danced and swirled around, splitting into more lights. We were dumbfounded. I finally leaned over to Leigh and asked her if she saw what I saw and she just nodded her head. The other couple was sitting there with their mouths dropped open. When the lights split into several more, I can't tell you how many, we all started talking at once. It was quite exciting. Even my daughter was aware that something pretty magnificent had just taken place. We watched until the lights faded out about 20 minutes later. We waited about another 30 minutes, but saw nothing and as it was getting quite late, we decided to leave.
On the way down the mountain, through the trees, we saw what appeared to be a house on fire. As we came around a curve in that dirt road, we realized it was the trees on fire. I was driving and just gunned the car through the burning area. We live in Gastonia so the drive home was still long and it took me hours to calm down. It was quite an exciting night.
My family and I have been back up there several more times and have seen the lights again, but have yet to see anything like that one night in 1988. It was just phenomenal.
Dottie ScherGastonia, NC

source : Lemur