Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Affair 1

Kristie and I went down to my parents house saturday to spend a little time with them.. They live in Hurdle Mills NC which is a small community north of Hillsboro.. We had a wonderful time and everyone is doing well.. The trip is roughly 4 -1/2 hours from our town Mars Hills..

Here's a pic of my two lovely ladies.. (Mom and Kristie) This would have been an awesome pic but the setting of the new camera was wrong..I just had to post it anyway..

Here's my woderful Dad and my cool neice.. (Frank / Christine)

This is my ole sister Terri..She's sooo funny..I think i caught her off guard..It's just the two of us..

Here's me and my other wonderful neice Jeanie..

Here's a group pic of the family..(from left to right)- Randy (brother in law) Me, Dad ,Mom, Kristie and Sister..

Family Affair 2

Here's another set of pics from our visit at my parents..

Here's my kristie chilling at the table..

My dad and I playing music like the good ole days..

He's singing..

Playing some good ole southern gospel..

Working on this one particular song..

Trying to get it together..

Here's mom hanging out with a friend of the family..

Front- Sister and Randy (brother in law)
Back- Maurice (old shool mate) and his wife..(can't remember her name)

Family Affair 3

Here's the last set of the pics that i'm posting..Hope you all enjoyed them.. :>)

My neice Christine had to work that evening so we stopped in right before we got on the road to to give her a hug and to tell her bye..This is her first job..

Maurice and my Dad chilling..

The kitty wants to come in and join the fun..

These are some cute kitties..

The grey one is my moms favorite kitty..

Friday, November 28, 2008

Guns and Religion..

Kristie and I were going through tennessee when we saw this sign.. I've always heard of a turkey shoot but never knew what it was.. For those of you who would like to know exactly what it is, here's a little history on the turkey shoot..
A turkey shoot is an opportunity for an individual or a party to very easily take advantage of a situation. It also implies that the "shooter" can't lose.
A "turkey shoot" is also a shooting contest where frozen turkeys are awarded as prizes. The shoot is most commonly held, using shotguns aimed at paper targets about 25-35 yards away. Original turkey shoots, however, dating at least to the time of James Fenimore Cooper, were contests in which live turkeys were tied down in a pen and shot from 25-35 yards. If the turkey died, the shooter received it as a prize. This gave rise to the military term (see below). Today, turkey shoots are still popular in rural America, where citizens are all likely to be familiar with shotguns. The winner is chosen according to which target has a shot closest to its center cross-mark. This removes almost all skill from the contest, and allows every shooter an equal chance.
In the military, a turkey shoot occurs when a group or team catch the enemy off-guard or out-gunned to the point of being unfair..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sleeping any which way

Mayfield (left) and Patches (right) are sleeping comfortabley on the TV..Or are they?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

At the End of a Rainbow

The end of this rainbow is at the foot of this mountain.. So, should we have looked for a pot of gold?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Researching near the Carter Farm

Over the weekend, Kristie and I made our way down to the Carter farm. If you haven't read the post about the Carter farm, you can read it here: The Carter Farm Story

When we got to the town of Madisonville Tennessee about 5 pm saturday evening, we decided to go ahead and look for the farm and look at the surrounding areas while we still had a little daylight..We finally found the place..It seemed like no one lived there..The landscape is mostly farm land and rolling hills.. The pics below will give you an idea what the area looks like..

Here's the farm house itself.. This is supposebly where fox (Bigfoot) came to the door and asked for garlic..

Here's more of the property..

Here's a strip of woods along with a field around the backside of the sheds and house..

This is right up the road from the Carter farm..A field with woods around it..

These distance mountains is about 3 miles from the carter farm..

Here they go again..Mountains joined by farmland..

Although it seems like the bigfoot things died down, kristie and I wanted to test out our luck with some bait..

Around midnight, we hung up some bait right across the nearby mountains just to see what happens.. Also we left a recording device hidden near the bait..Since they were calling for a little snow that night, we had to wrap up the recorder in plastic.. We banged on a wooden fence post a few times to get the ball start rolling..It was really dark and only about 2-3 houses on this backroad..This area is about 3 miles from the Carter farm..
When we checked the next morning, the bait was still hanging.. Although i expected this, i just wanted the satifaction knowing that our trip down here would be a memorable one and who knows, strange things do happens..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hidden Gem

Kristie and I decided to go up this driveway near our house..This driveway is straight up a steep hill..After we got on top of the hill, it opened into a land of milk and honey.. We had no idea that this driveway lead you to this property with such amazing views..

Monday, November 10, 2008

Peaceful Meadow

A light breeze from the wind along with a beautiful day in the middle of a meadow makes you realize how precious each day is..

Loving Standoff

Mayfield: "Patches, I'm going to take good care of you.."

As Mayfield clamps down...

Patches: " MAYFIELD- STOP BITING ME!!!!!! "

Friday, November 7, 2008

Long Lost Twins?

Here's Cece (on the left) and her long lost twin..We had to put a sweater on one of them just to tell them apart..

Everyday when i get off from work, I look forward to the drive home..It's such a beautiful drive..Just as I approach the Barnardsville exit, this is what I see..

This view is close to our driveway..You can see the highway (26) that brings me home..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Old Fort Bigfoot

My friend and I checked out this report (below).. We met the lady and her kids.. We set up a bait deep in the woods outside of her property to see if we could get some footpriints.. We didn't get anything but hopefully we'll get another chance to follow up on this.. Btw- I'll post some pics of our investigation soon..

I live in Old Fort, North Carolina. It is an extremely small town with a population of about 800. About a year ago I bought a new house. It's in the woods well away from town ( not that 800 people is much of a town )!!!!!!!! Right after I moved in I started hearing strange sounds at night. There is "gibberish" that I can't really understand. It kind of sounds like talking but I can never make out any words. I have heard some screams that are so blood crudling that I've actually went into the woods with a flashlight to see if a woman was hurt. My children often play outside until 9 or 9:30 pm ( if it's not a school night!! ) and they have repeatedly seen something that they call " The Brown Man ". They say he is bigger than a man and he is brown in color and all he does is stand at the edge of my front yard in the treeline and watches them play. They are not afraid because he has never ventured into the yard and if they try to approach him he runs away. Even though I have heard the strange sounds I'd never seen anything until last September. It was about 11 pm and I had to go to the pumphouse to get my toolbox. The pumphouse is not actually in my yard it is behind the treeline at the back of my house. The kids were playing a cd really loud and they were dancing around the house ( three kids can make alot of noise !!!!). I stepped out the front door and walked around the corner of the house and there he was. BF was standing not 5 feet from my sliding glass door. He was standing in the shadows looking in the door like he was totally fascinated with what my children were doing. I was so shocked that I just stopped and stared. He saw me at the same time I saw him. He was about 15 feet from me. There was such a shocked expression on his face that I now think it's funny but then I was kinda shook up. He turned and ran into the woods. I've got no real idea how tall he was. My brother is 6 foot 4 inches tall and BF was alot taller than that. I would guess at least 7 feet. He is brown in color ( 'bout like a Hershey bar.) I have searched the woods repeatedly and I've never found a footprint but that's not surprising considering the ground cover, leaves, rocks, etc. I've never been "into" BF until that night but I now own a night vision device and I sometimes sit in the backyard after the kids are asleep and just try to see him again. I have seen him at a distance. I just hope to get a photo one day.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What is Bigfoot?

Here is a well explained article by Melanie Marten

Elusive Primate-Most people think they are a rare and elusive species of large primate. This hypothesis is backed up by the appearance and behaviors of most bigfoot sighting reports. The only thing that does not fit with this idea is the seemingly high intelligence that the creature appears to exhibit. Bigfoot trackers speak of lean-tos, broken branches marking pathways, and leafy nests that may be akin to what other great apes such as gorillas build.

Alien Being- People who do not subscribe to the normal animal explanation of bigfoot may believe that he is an alien creature either put on earth for a reason, or abandoned or forgotten by a passing spaceship. This is one of the least popular notions, as there is no evidence that bigfoot has knowledge of advanced technology or any specific interest in the cosmos.

Shape Shifter-Perhaps influenced by Native American skinwalker tales, some consider bigfoot to be a shapeshifter. Some report that a bigfoot they observed moving about turned into a rock or stump. Others think that the creature has the ability to become invisible. This is often due to the fact that he can seemingly disappear in the forest quickly and without trouble after being spotted.

Prehistoric Leftover-Other than the unusual primate opinion, the idea that bigfoot is a prehistoric leftover is popular among believers with a more scientific bent. Just as the coelecanth was rediscovered in modern times, some view bigfoot as a prehistoric human, such as Neanderthal, that was somehow stuck in time. They are viewed as communal dwellers living in small, isolated pockets.

Interdimensional Being-Those who subscribe to the theory of multiple dimensions and parallel realities think that bigfoot is a being that can slip between with relative ease. Perhaps they believe that there are other worlds where bigfoot type creatures are the norm. Why they come to this reality and journey through remote forests is not usually explained.

What do you think Bigfoot is?

Finally Moved..(New House)

We are finally in our new house! Thursday was our first day.. While i was at work, kristie and her sister moved the rest of the stuff and our pets..When i got off of work on thursday, i joined kristie at the old house for some last minute cleaning but we decided to come back on sunday for the final cleaning..When we got to the new house and I imediately went in to see how our pets were doing..The poodle was fine but Mayfield and Sammy wondered what the hell just happened..Patches seemed to adjust pretty quickly as we knew she would but they are all fine now..After we got our bedroom together, Kristie made us a couple of sandwiches and we chilled out.. We didn't have cable right then but we had recorded stuff on our moxi.. We decided to look at Paranormal State which was about demons in a house that possessed a young girl..I know this wasn't the best choice since this was an unfamiliar house..((((((((shivers))))))))) Everything has went well..The cable guy came friday late evening..We got on the internet today.. So i'm getting back in the swing of things..

Holloween Night (Sorry-No pics)

Kristie and I went to a holloween party last night at a place called chasers..We entered a costume contest which kristie talked me into and she came in second place..She dressed up as a witch and i was something that came from the swamps of NC..LOL I never knew that she had the skills for doing face paint.. She really looked scary and crazy and she played the part really well too..We got there about 10:30 and we got home about 2:30.. The night was pretty fun but it felt good getting back home.. I'm kicking myself for not remembering the camera.. The truth is, we were tooooo scaryyy for pics!!! lol- I would have took tons of pics and video of us and friends but my brain was somewhere else and not on my cam.. One of our friends took our pic on a camera phone so maybe i can get her to email it to me so i can post it..Hope everyone had a safe and good holloween..