Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Affair 1

Kristie and I went down to my parents house saturday to spend a little time with them.. They live in Hurdle Mills NC which is a small community north of Hillsboro.. We had a wonderful time and everyone is doing well.. The trip is roughly 4 -1/2 hours from our town Mars Hills..

Here's a pic of my two lovely ladies.. (Mom and Kristie) This would have been an awesome pic but the setting of the new camera was wrong..I just had to post it anyway..

Here's my woderful Dad and my cool neice.. (Frank / Christine)

This is my ole sister Terri..She's sooo funny..I think i caught her off guard..It's just the two of us..

Here's me and my other wonderful neice Jeanie..

Here's a group pic of the family..(from left to right)- Randy (brother in law) Me, Dad ,Mom, Kristie and Sister..

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Kay said...

You've got a wonderful family!