Saturday, November 1, 2008

What is Bigfoot?

Here is a well explained article by Melanie Marten

Elusive Primate-Most people think they are a rare and elusive species of large primate. This hypothesis is backed up by the appearance and behaviors of most bigfoot sighting reports. The only thing that does not fit with this idea is the seemingly high intelligence that the creature appears to exhibit. Bigfoot trackers speak of lean-tos, broken branches marking pathways, and leafy nests that may be akin to what other great apes such as gorillas build.

Alien Being- People who do not subscribe to the normal animal explanation of bigfoot may believe that he is an alien creature either put on earth for a reason, or abandoned or forgotten by a passing spaceship. This is one of the least popular notions, as there is no evidence that bigfoot has knowledge of advanced technology or any specific interest in the cosmos.

Shape Shifter-Perhaps influenced by Native American skinwalker tales, some consider bigfoot to be a shapeshifter. Some report that a bigfoot they observed moving about turned into a rock or stump. Others think that the creature has the ability to become invisible. This is often due to the fact that he can seemingly disappear in the forest quickly and without trouble after being spotted.

Prehistoric Leftover-Other than the unusual primate opinion, the idea that bigfoot is a prehistoric leftover is popular among believers with a more scientific bent. Just as the coelecanth was rediscovered in modern times, some view bigfoot as a prehistoric human, such as Neanderthal, that was somehow stuck in time. They are viewed as communal dwellers living in small, isolated pockets.

Interdimensional Being-Those who subscribe to the theory of multiple dimensions and parallel realities think that bigfoot is a being that can slip between with relative ease. Perhaps they believe that there are other worlds where bigfoot type creatures are the norm. Why they come to this reality and journey through remote forests is not usually explained.

What do you think Bigfoot is?


Anonymous said...

bigfoot is not an animal.we don't find bigfoot--bigfoot finds us. most of the time bigfoot is invisible. they have no dna or body heat. they are multi-dimensional & they are a combination: e.t.-animal-human cell scapings via et robotics. they guard ufo highways (mostly nr high altitudes or water(internal earth)--i.e. chase out humans so they don't get brought into other dimensions.they can be violent. stay away from them if you don't want to be accidentally taken into another dimension.

PWS said...

nice idea

Jaysun said...

Bigfoot is a creature with curiosity but as one said "curiosity kills the cat.