Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finally Moved..(New House)

We are finally in our new house! Thursday was our first day.. While i was at work, kristie and her sister moved the rest of the stuff and our pets..When i got off of work on thursday, i joined kristie at the old house for some last minute cleaning but we decided to come back on sunday for the final cleaning..When we got to the new house and I imediately went in to see how our pets were doing..The poodle was fine but Mayfield and Sammy wondered what the hell just happened..Patches seemed to adjust pretty quickly as we knew she would but they are all fine now..After we got our bedroom together, Kristie made us a couple of sandwiches and we chilled out.. We didn't have cable right then but we had recorded stuff on our moxi.. We decided to look at Paranormal State which was about demons in a house that possessed a young girl..I know this wasn't the best choice since this was an unfamiliar house..((((((((shivers))))))))) Everything has went well..The cable guy came friday late evening..We got on the internet today.. So i'm getting back in the swing of things..

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