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Bigfoot Livng on Tennessee Farm

In the Bigfoot world, this story was BIG a few years ago.. Here goes the orginal email of Janice Carter to respected Bigfoot researcher Mary green:
January 2, 2002

Dear Lady,

I hope this is Mary Green. I am not that good at locating people on this contraption. I am not computer friendly at all. Needless to say I'm not good at typing either. So when you reply to this it will take a while for me to type any reply back. I hunt and peck. Sorry for this, but I am trying to learn as I go. Down to business. I have already submitted a report to either or one. I do not remember which, but believe it is the first site. My sister submitted a report back in 2000 to one of them and persuaded me to do the same recently. They have not posted it as of tonight. I have, along with my sister, talked to a Mr. Mike Simpson from BFRO so that is where I think I sent my report. He is supposed to come up from AL sometime and get back in touch with us soon on the phone. I think I could use your help also if you can spare the time. I do understand you are a busy person too.

The reason I wish to contact you is that I only told of one incident in that report (submitted to the BFRO) and just touched on the basic information of it to Mike. I did not mention other incidents that have occurred over the years. Maybe before you think I am a ding bat, as most people do for believing in Bigfoot in the first place, I should tell you about myself and some of the finer experiences I have had with this animal Bigfoot. We call him that now, but I called him a monster when I was younger.

My name is Janice Carter Coy. I am 37 years old as of the 18th of this month, white and of a middle class family. I do now own and run an antique business and consider myself quite logical in most matters. I don't spook easily and only know of two things I am really scared of: a person with a gun aimed in my direction and BIGFOOT. The last turns me to a downright chicken when I feel that feeling come over me. You know what I am talking about if you are for real. If not you are just going to laugh with the rest of them and make me into a big joke anyway. I can take the fun making, but am dead level serious about Bigfoot. I do not care who thinks what about me as long as I can help in the discovery of one of these animals for science and the world to know about. Then let us see who has the last laugh.

When I was 7 and a half in the month of late June or early July, I ran head on into a male (did not realize it was male until I was older) Bigfoot. My Grandfather (Papaw) and I were out blackberry picking and he had sent me back to the house from the backside of the property to get a water jug filled. On returning I could see my Papaw through some trees and underbrush ahead of me. All of a sudden I ran into this Bigfoot's knee area. Smack! It backed up a few steps and turned toward me. I was frozen stiff. (I) Could not scream or make myself move at first: I did pee and poop my pants. Scared the holy fool out of me. I must have made some type of sound at some point because Papaw came to me. Papaw got in front of me and just stared at it at first then started talking to it like he did to the young spooked horses he owned and trained at the time. It did move off after a time and looked back at us the whole time until it disappeared from site behind some trees.

Our land was heavily forested at that time and grown up in underbrush and briers and the like then. Papaw later had it cleared to pasture. It is growing up bad once again for the most part now. My Uncle still lives there and he won't even stay there by himself at night unless he has to. He calls it (Bigfoot) a werewolf. Claims he seen it this year in late August (2001) in the front yard when he went out to feed the dogs one night. He came to my house for two weeks after this to stay with us (I'm married with six children between us) at night because it scared him. (He) Made one of us go down to the old home with him so he could feed the dogs during the daytime.

Something got two of the dogs in a weeks time in October and another my cousin had given my Uncle in November. No trace of the dogs has been found. Anyway Bigfoot may or may not still be around the old home place. I do not like going there to try and find out. I will say this: I do not want to help you capture one of these things at no amount of cost. You could not pay me enough. You or someone else are welcome to this task. I do want to see one up close behind some type of enforcement it can't get to me from, when one is caught. I do want to know what species it is for sure. Human, Ape, or Beast, or Prehistoric Man, or what? I cannot tell you for sure. It is an animal of some sort I know. I just don't know what.

My Papaw made a friend of it or a type of pet I guess I should say. At 8 (a year later after I ran into it) he took me to the top of the hill after milking the cows at close to dusk and it was there. (He took this plate of table scrapes to it nightly for a while. We just thought then that he was feeding the barn cats at the time.) Papaw told me not to be scared and not to scream. It stood up out from under the old oak tree (it is still there today) and Papaw talked to it and it did grunt and make weird noises like a squirrel or close to their sounds back at him. Papaw sat the plate on the ground and backed up and it came and ate the scraps. Then it backed up and Papaw got the plate back. It seemed friendly enough, but Papaw told me not to try and get too close and not to touch it. Now Lady I am not making this up and I have read that tale by that woman on your site. I will swear this is the God’s honest truth and take a lie detector test to prove it.

I did undergo hypnotizing once to see if I was dreaming this one up myself at 21 years of age. The therapist did not know what to think or make of it. He thought it may have been a bear or a pet chimp Papaw had on the place that I only thought was a monster. The truth is either my Papaw was nuts or the bravest man I have ever known or he just had a soft spot for critters. I do not know which, but he did tame this thing down. It had been raiding the potato and corn bins (in the barn). It also stripped our fruit trees at the time. We had apples, plums, and cherry (trees) at the time. It also liked muskidines (muscadines) and berries and persimmons too. We had all. It did not like the chestnut trees. Papaw would get them (the nuts) for it and it would eat them, but it would not go under the trees. I can't say I blame it as you get the needles in your bare foot and they are a royal pain to pick out. I know this from experience.

Papaw said he called it his fox and I should do this too. Not to tell the rest of the family it was there because it would scare them. (I thought there was nothing like my Grandfather on this earth. I thought he walked on water and to this day he is still my hero. He is gone on to a better place now. But, he is still tops in my book). So I kept my mouth shut for a while. Then my little sister had it get after her one time when she was at the carport. She got under the car at the time until one of the men came out and it left. After that we talked about it some to the rest of our family. My Mom and a few of our cousins thought we were making up some tall tale. Grandma and Uncle knew better. Mom even saw it twice with me over the years and still she called it a hairy man. It left a big dent in the top right side of her trailer one night in later years. I think it came to the house looking for Papaw and then up to the trailer where he and Grandma and Uncle and my sister stayed with Mom after Papaw got sick with the cancer that finally killed him in 1996. This had to have been in 1994 as he did all the chores up until then. He had an operation in August of that year and another the next August.

I think Bigfoot was looking for Papaw to feed it as this was winter and cold and it may have even missed him. It did come to the house on several other occasions before this incident. Bigfoot at one time slept under Mom's trailer. We had to keep putting up the underpinning and taping up one of the heating vent ducts every day for the winter of 1995. Once it was still there when I went under to place the vent back up. I got Papaw to come out and get it out from under the trailer that day. I am sorry, but I just don't trust it to not kill me or someone else if you were to make it mad. I owned a pet shop in New York once and had a spider monkey in it for sale. It would try to tear you up if you smiled at it. It was very strong for its size and I can just imaging the damage a Bigfoot could do if it was riled up. I know this letter is getting very long, but I have so much information on the subject of Bigfoot. I do want you to contact me and please don't put this off as so much bullsh*t. It is the truth and I want some help and someone besides my husband to talk to and discuss this issue with. I think unless you see one of these things you tend to live in a fantasy world where they don't exist.

I've done my mile to meet you in the middle will you meet me here?
Thank you, Janice Carter Coy

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Source: UBRG


Investor411 Staff said...

This was a cool BF I had not heard before. One of these days Im going to go on one of the BFRO trips to see what happens.

Yeti said...

Oh yeah.. This was very secretive for a while until it slowly leaked out..Kristie (GF) and I will soon be going to check out the surrounding area..

Maxima said...

Keep up the good work.

Yeti said...


Robot Nine said...

Yeti- I do like the idea that there is a large, bipedal ape roaming the forest of North America, but I am that stick-in-the-mud, show me the body type of enthusiast. At heart I am a cynical skeptic and this story is fun, cool, interesting, great for campfires, but beyond that, well, the Carter's ill have to better. Grover Krantz's dermal ridges are much more intruiging, but even that type of evidence is just hot air. I need a typoe speciman before I put my neck on the line.
How did you like the goofballs with the suit in the freezer a couple of months ago? That was a hoot. very funny.

Yeti said...

LOL- Yeah..I'm about like you..I think it's good to be skeptical..These type of stories are fun and intriging and i do like to digg into them but there's something out there that ordinary people are seeing and the carters claims are far from ordinary..I'm not saying that it's a bunch of BS but i am saying that it's far from ordinary and interesting.. As for the Fake bigfoot body, those folks should be put in that

Coy Whitehead jr said...

I would love to research that farm with members of my group, southern ohio,Adams county, Bigfoot research group. We are seekers of the creature, not to harm, but to study it's ways. Just because something is unknown, is no excuse to try and kill it. It's here for a reason...