Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Pics are GONE!

Will explain later..Time to go to bed..

Ok..I'm back! To make a long story short, we took our laptop to bestbuy because one of the joints that held the screen up was broken..The geeksquad guy told us that we can swap it out for a new one at that same price or less.. WHAT??? Our laptop was about a year old and we had two days left on the manufactory warranty.. So guess what happened next? Yeah, we got a new laptop..Come to find out that he wasn't suppose to do that..I didn't think so! I even questioned kristie how could he do that? When he tried to ring it up for an exchange, it wouldn't allow him to do that..Even other geeksquad members tried but they couldn't ring it up either even though one of them told him that he wasn't suppose to do that..They said they pushed it through the system anyway(whatever that mean) and gave it to us..Later on we realize that our pics was on our old laptop harddrive..Early the next morning kristie called and asked if they still had our old laptop..They was suppose to call us back but didn't..We stopped there that evening to see if they had it but they said it was swiped clean and was shipped off that morning..My heart dropped people!!! Ok, time to start from fresh...

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