Thursday, January 15, 2009

The General Mast Store of Valle Crucis

During our trip to Valle Cruscis, Kristie and I went into the famous General Mast Store..
Here's the back of the store..

These guys were playing some very good mountain music..

Here they go again.. We had a wonderful time in the store..We could have stayed in there all day..
Here's a little history on the General Mast Store:
The Mast General Store began as the Taylor Store in 1883. By 1917 it had been purchased by the Mast family, who owned it for anther 60 years. Although today no longer owned by the Masts, the current owners continue to operate the store as a historically accurate general store.

Because it was considered one of the finest remaining examples of an old country general store, in 1977 the Mast General Store was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, which seems fitting, since it is located in the countryside of North Carolina’s first and only Rural Historic District. No visit to the charming hamlet of Valle Cruscis is complete without a stop at the Mast General Store, where customers can buy everything from plows to cloth and cradles to caskets. The locals will gladly tell you that, “If you can’t buy it here, you don’t need it.” Just ask any of them as you warm your hands over that pot bellied stove.


Amelia said...

Knoxville has one of these downtown. I've never been in it, but I'm pretty sure it's not as cool as this one.

Yeti said...

If ya ever go to it, let me know how it is..This one is awesome.. It even has older candy and soda pop from years ago..

Cloudia said...

I miss the sound of the dulcimer!
Fun post, Yeti. Aloha-

Granny Sue said...

I've heard of this store, Yeti. I'd like to visit it sometime. Especially if those guys are still pickin'--although the drummer is a surprise. You seldom see a drum in an old-time mountain band.

Anonymous said...

How fun to stop at Mast General when these guys were playing! If you're ever in Fletcher on a Friday or Saturday night, check out the Feed & Seed's live country/mountain/bluegrass.

Yeti said...

Thanks Cloudia!

Granny Sue- You'll have to go. It's a very beautiful place AND you're right about the drums..

BH- We use to live down the road from that place.. Everytime we drive by there, my GF points it out.. We were just talking about going there within the next week or two..