Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bigfoot 911 Call

This 911 call took place in the mid-1990's on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State..The guy who made the called never mentioned a "Bigfoot" but said it was a Really big Guy.. As you may hear, this guy sounded terrified and was unsure how to describe what he was seeing..Also you can hear the operator typing in the background..

Note: Even though it's the "Messing with sasquatch" commercial Pic on the video, it is a real Call..


Cloudia said...

So cool, Yeti. Aloha-

Alan said...

I always wonder if that is a fake. He "sounds" scared, but I guess I am at heart a sceptic and have little faith in people's honesty. People lie.
So much of the Saquatch "community" has beeen involved in deceit, from the obvius idiots a few months ago with the costume in the freezer to, oh his name escapes me. the fellow who presented tracks with "dermal ridges" to Grover Krantz on a regular basis. Seems he found evidence every few months in the Blue Mountains of Washington, whereas other hunters, hikers, and such did not. And almost all of thoe video I see looks patently fake!
But, Yeti, that darn Patterson video. I know a lot, have a large amount of experience with photography AND make-up and costume making. From the stride of the beast to the ripples in the musculature that I see, to the scattershot nature and random look of the film, I don't think it could be faked, not that well, not by Patterson. It's so quick, out of focus, several good frames and a hodge-podge of messy filming. Fakers always have lingering money shots, way to in focus, they stink of a contrived look. Patterson's film to me rings true and keeps the hope alive!

Yeti said...

-Yeah, I think that is cool to Cloudia other than your typical pic, video or footprint cast..

- Alan, you are so on point my friend with all the faking going on just for a quick buck.. I'm a BIG believer in the patterson film..This bigfoot obviously had breasts..If the whole thing was faked, it would really be hard for me to believe that they would think about or go through the trouble to add breasts to the costume..I just don't see it..but we can say that the patterson film is standing the test of time..

30/1/09 1:12 PM