Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paranormal Activity on Abandon Property

About two weeks ago, we took a long drive through the northern counties of the mountains just to get away for the rest of the day. As we got into Avery county, we came upon this property that i wanted to take pics of.. when we pulled up into a roped off driveway, immediately my girlfriend kristie had gotton this weird feeling..We sat in the car and snapped a few pics and then we got out and walked up into the property to get a better look..After we took some more photos, we decided to return to the car..As we was walking out of the property, kristie which was about 3-4 yards in front of me, had tripped over something but didn't fall.. I asked her had she been walking long? She said it felt like someone tripped her..When we got back in the car, She said she didn't trip over no vine, rock ect, she said that it felt like a hand on top of her foot and then it dissipated as she started to lift her foot.. All of this happened during the daytime.. As we were heading back from the high country, Kristie wanted to stop back by the property again and take a few more pics..The strange thing about it was that it was a very dark which i had Some idea where it was but yet, it was we appoarched the property, kristie had gotton that strange feeling again and she said it should be coming up.. As soon as she said that, i almost drove past it.. So i pulled over and we took some more pics from the road..
When we got home and uploaded the pics from the days event, we found some strange things in a couple of photos from this property.. From the tripping, the strange feelings kristie gotton from this property and now the questionable things in the photos, we decided to get the photos analyze by Sarah from the Asheville Paranormal Society. So, when she wrote me back, she said they were orbs in the photos that i sent excepted for one photo..As for that photo, she said they look like orbs except for orbs are usually round but there was a few that weren't in that particular photo.. So no more rambling, checkout the pics below..

This is the way we came in.. On the way out, kristie was tripped right across from this building..

This is what it property look like after we got in it.. Here's an old house that has been on fire..

Here's the inside of the property again with a couple of out buildings..

It looks like a figure in the doorway..

Here's the orbs.. A couple of these orbs looks like faces (especially the ones on the left side of the window)

More orbs.. Where we walked in during the daytime..

So these are some of the photos..Feel free to blow them up and you'll see some interesting things.. And now, we are trying to find out the history of this place..
Lastly, this wasn't our property and i do believe in "No trespassing"..So we was there no longer then five minutes..I just had to get some pics of this old unique homestead..


Cloudia said...

Wow! Spooky
Aloha, Yeti

Hendersonville Epicurean said...

You should check out local author, Sherry Ausitn. She writes ghost stories and has some interesting info on her website.

Yeti said...

Thanks.. I'll check her out..

Anonymous said...

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Jenn said...

How far are you guys away from Spring Creek, Trust, Luck and Max Patch area? We live out on 63 right before you wind up Doggett Mt which heads to Hot Springs via 209. tons of OLD abandoned homesteads & farms. some spooky spots.

Yeti said...

We live 25 minutes south of Asheville in Fletcher..We love that area by and around Doggett Mt! Yeah, we've found some old abandon places around there too..Thanks for your comment.. :>)