Sunday, January 4, 2009

Miracle- Black and White Twins Again

Check out this cute story..

Black and white twins Hayleigh and Lauren Durrant proudly hold their new sisters Leah and Miya — who incredibly are also twins with different colored skin.
Their mixed-race parents Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner repeated the miracle after a seven-year gap.
When the first set of twins arrived in 2001, the couple was astonished to see that Lauren took after her white mom, with blue eyes and red hair, while Hayleigh had black skin and hair like dad Dean.
Then this year Alison, 27, found she was expecting again — and lightning struck twice.
She had twin girls again. And little Miya was born with dark skin like her dad and Leah is white like former recruitment consultant Alison.
“The girls just love Miya and Leah to bits. We didn’t think it was even possible when we had Lauren and Hayleigh — and it didn’t cross our minds that it could happen again. But we are just delighted that it has,” Dean, 33, of Fleet, Hants, said.,'','16x16',false);

Check Out the Pics Here


Cloudia said...

Wonderful! Congratulations!
In this new day of Obama
EVERYTHING has new meaning
a black man - could be president!
Maybe it's good for our business, not doing someone a "favor," to hire one!!
Minds are growing. Hallelujah!
But these kids are not symbols, they are unique individuals, not anybodies stereotype. At Last!!!!!
Yay, U.S.A! Aloha, Cuz

Alan said...

Guess I studied to much biology in college, it seems onteresting to me but not miraculous.
Yeti, I was sure I was following your blog, I sure suspect that sometimes a blog just SLIPS off, some Google error.
I re-enlisted, lol.
Tomorrow, Picture Puzzle, the 7th, if you wanna play.

Amelia said...

That is so cool!

Yeti said...

Thanks Alan.. I'll pop in..

Yeah, that is awesome amelia and cloudia.. They are a beautiful family..