Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

Since Kristie and I were both off today, we thought this was a perfect day to take a ride towards north asheville since this was the first day of fall. When we got to the northside of the town, we just had to stop by Beaver Lake and snapped a couple of pics of the beautiful senery. (pic 1 & 2) As we preceeded north towards weaverville, we had a discussion about the official time when fall begins which was 11:44. It was shortly after 11:30.. so since we wanted to be where it was beautiful right when fall comes in, we had to hurry. I knew we wasn't far from Reems Creek rd so I wasn't worried about not being in a beautiful area. We made it just in time to pull over and snap this beautiful pic as fall rolled in. This was right off of Reems Creek rd..(last pic)

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