Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Kingdom of the Whispering Wind

Check out ths report..This happened in Henderson County NC in the mid 80's..

This is an old story that occurred before I was born. It's a story my uncle told me for many years and I felt I should share it.

It was in the late Fall/early Winter of either 1984 or 1985. My uncle had been hunting and it was getting late, but he had his flashlight and his gun. He was on his way home calling the dogs as he went when he noticed the complete quietness that was usually broken by many of the woods various animals. At the moment all he heard was the noise from his beagles. He came upon a huge, completely open clearing in the woods where there were suddenly sounds coming from all around like whispers and it was if the wind was blowing but the trees remained still.

A similiar thing happened to my dad when he was out one night with friends. They came to the same spot my uncle came across from the above report and started to drive the car through. The car stopped, the lights went dead(no lights worked at all) and then the sounds came. After finally getting the car started they turned around and drove back down the trail. When they reached the end of the trail there was a tree about 12" in diameter laying across the road and they could still hear the strange sounds coming from every direction.

Various hunters have had the same experience and some refer to it as "The Kingdom of the Whispering Wind". Many believe there is an old burial ground on the edge of that field.
Years ago, we had an old cow who would do anything to avoid those woods and that particular open spot in the field.

source: Gcbro


Chris said...

Very Creepy! Your post is the Featured Post of the day at "Worth a Thousand Words"

Yeti said...

Thanks Chris!! Yeah, it's one of those strange things..