Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eating Contest at High Noon..

How big a boy are ya?

Hyatt (kristie's oldest son) and I had an eating contest today at Burger King..We had to know who could eat the most between us.. He's a teen with a tapeworm and i use to be that way years ago and i'm not about to give up my crown- atleast not yet..Yes, i know this isn't the most healthy thing to do but it's something that we usually do annually AND we love it!!

Starting off with triple whoppers..

I definately don't eat like i use too.. (thank goodness)

Uh oh!! Someone is slowing down..

I'm smelling victory..

Hyatt is waving the white flag!!

Victory is mine Although my competitor pushed me all the way.. This might be the last time i beat him because i know, he will have revenge on his mind..
Feel free to take a guess on what we ate in the comment section.. I'll post it in a couple of days..

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