Saturday, May 16, 2009

Snakes eeK!!!

As we were driving up this property, we saw a black snake slithered across the road into the brush..When we passed it and surrounded the next curve, there was another black snake (atleast 3 ft) in the road sunning..Kristie wanted to pick it up and move it but i had other ideas like "turning around"..To many snakes in one area!! Even one snake is to many snakes.. Sorry snake lovers..Due to the heavy rains we had in the last two days probably caused the snakes to come out of this field to get some sun on this gravel road..This would be my guess.. No telling how many more snakes are up further..
God help us all..

ok, enough is enough..

Glad we're at the end..


Susan said...

Eek is right! We don't have any of those in Ireland, thanks to the Ice Age or Saint Patrick (depending on whether you believe scientists or priests).

Do you see many squished on the road?

Yeti said...

Yes! Throughout the summer you'll see them laying smushed in the road.. It makes me shiver thinking about it.. I think i'll move to Ireland..Get that extra room fixed up cause i'm