Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cows in a Blanket

Maybe someone can explain why these cows are wrapped up like this.. I would really like to know..


Cloudia said...

cause they are chilly, silly!

Yeti said...

LOL- You're the one that's

Susan said...


Perhaps they've just been branded or microchipped or had hysterectomies(??) and those are bandages?

Or are they bras? There *are* cow bras but I've only seen the kind with straps.

Maybe they were playing football and that's how they knew who was on which team?

Ok I'm out of ideas.

I'd love to know.

Yeti said...

LMAO <---- Susan? Ok, maybe you're right about one of them.. LOL

Suffolk VA said...

Maybe the farmer's worried they will catch swine flu?

Yeti said...

OK Va, I think you came up with the anwser!! LOL

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Belted Galloway (known by breeders as Belties, and also affectionately known as “Oreo Cattle” by everyone else) are generally black (but occasionally red or dun) with a complete white belt, like an Ace© bandage wrapped around their middle. Belted cattle like these are in some areas known as “sheeted” or “canvassed.”
Their origin is English.
Interesting lot aren't they ?