Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coleman Boundary (Big Ivy)

Saturday Kristie and i went for a little drive towards one of our favorite areas- Barnardsville..We drove until we came to Big Ivy.. I've been to this point before but never went no further then the entrance UNTIL this day!! Read the General Info about the area..

This object in the photo below struck both of us as odd.. It looks like a piece of sheet metal right in the middle of the ravine.. It was very shiny and metalic looking..We ruled out water and we debated about a vehicle or an appliance of some sort.. But anyhow, we knew that it wasn't suppose to be there.. This was very srange to us..


Susan at Stony River said...

What an amazingly beautiful place --- and what an odd last photo! Hmmm... don't think I would have wanted to explore any further, but--- wonder about it the whole drive home? YES!

Yeti said...

Just like us.. Mostly talked about it all the way home..It was definately interesting though..Maybe we'll go back there during the fall where it won't be so many leaves and then we'll be able to see it better..I'm not hiking down there..lol

Cloudia said...

Great country!


Comfort Spiral

Cat said...

The pictures are excellent! I love the outdoors and those are perfect photos! It must have been an great day!