Monday, June 29, 2009

A Day in Old Fort

Sunday we went to Old Fort for a festival..But hey, there was none.. We was a year to late!! Oh well, we still a wonderful day.. We to the museum, had a picnic on the steps of the amphitheather and then we went to Andrew's Geyser.. Oh yes, it was a wonderful day in old fort..

Hyatt and Jevin chillin..

We made a new friend..

The creek that runs by the amphitheater in Old fort..

The Family

Andrew's Geyser

momma and I..

Brotherly Love..

Hold on Jevin.. Hold on!!

I'm looking up at an UFO..

The UFO tried to beam me up..


Susan at Stony River said...

It looks like a great day out, even without an event (and now I'm not embarassed to admit that we've done the SAME thing!!)

I had to laugh at your 'brotherly love' shot because we have a lot of that goings-on in our family too, but ROFLMAO at your beam-me-up caption: I never would have seen it but that's exactly what it looks like!

Yeti said...

It's nice being a clown sometimes..We all were clowing the whole day..LOL

Cloudia said...

What a great looking bunch!!

Comfort Spiral

Anonymous said...

Hey Yeti,

How fun to read your post. I just this evening posted a story about finding Andrews Geyser! It wasn't full of water when we were there. Love your photos!

Anonymous said...

Interesting set of photographs. Nice outing.

Alan said...

Dang, awesome UFO shot. Did you check out my travle blog, hope to start biking in the coming month, northward, will probably come through NC.